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Worldwide purchase and sale of industrial goods
Turkstra Handelsonderneming in Sneek buys and sells stocklots of new and used industrial goods worldwide. Andries Turkstra set up the family business in 1990 and since 2007, his son Rients Turkstra has been at the helm.

Turkstra sells industrial goods internationally
Check out Turkstra Handelsonderneming’s selection of industrial goods in our extensive stocklist. Here you can find a wide choice of new and used electro-motors, diesel generators and gas generator compressors, pumps, machines, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and much, much more.

Turkstra buys in new and used stocklots of industrial goods
Turkstra Handelsonderneming buys in stocklots of industrial goods from all over Europe. Looking for a buyer for your stocklots of electro-motors, gas generators, generators, compressors, machines, tools and electrical equipment? Just contact Turkstra. Your stocklots give valuable service worldwide for many years to come.
Please contact us for buying in your stocklot.